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Whales have earwax too!!

Who knew that whales have earwax too?After watching BBC Winterwatch I found out that not only do whales have earwax but that scientists can find out how old a whale is and how much stress they have been through during their lives. Fascinating.

Our ear canals produce a waxy oil called cerumen, more commonly known as earwax. Wax is bacteriostatic and protects the ear from dust, foreign particles and microorganisms. It also protects the ear canal skin from irritation due to water. Normally excess wax falls out of the ear canal naturally.

When the ear glands produce more earwax than necessary it may become hard and block the ear.

Wax build up is a common reason for temporary hearing loss. If you're having difficulty with hearing then you may have wax in your ears.

If you wish to have your ears checked to see if you have excessive wax and a free hearing test then please contact me on 0787 218 3742 or email Hearing Services Cornwall is at Kernow Ear Health microsuction clinic on Thursdays.

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