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Hearing Protection

The human auditory system contains delicate and complex mechanisms.

The inner ear is home to a sea of tiny sensory cells and nerve fibres that pick up sound vibrations and turn them into electrical impulses for the brain to process.
Too many strong vibrations will damage these cells and fibres and the more you lose, the worse your hearing will get.
Protecting your hearing will prevent the onset of noise induced hearing loss. Custom made ear protection is available in many different styles to suit different noise environments.

Health and Safety at work

Wearing ear protection will help prevent hearing loss caused by excessive noise.
Custom made ear protection is available from Hearing Services Cornwall in many different styles to suit different noise environments.

Exposure to noise

EC regulations require employers to provide suitable hearing protection for their employees where noise levels exceed 80 decibels (dBA).
Here are some typical decibel (dBA) levels of everyday situations:
normal speech: 60-65 dBA
busy street: 78-85 dBA
lawn mower: 85 dBA
hand drill/angle grinder: 98 dBA
music venue/nightclub: 110 dBA
heavy lorry about 7 metres away: 95-100 dBA

Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL)

Have you worked somewhere noisy?
Do you have ringing in your ears?
Does your partner think you’re going deaf?
You may have industrial deafness and maybe entitled to compensation. Please ring us on 0787 218 3742


Motorcyclists are exposed to high levels of noise caused mainly by the wind. This can have a damaging and irreversible effect on hearing.
For example, a motorcyclist travelling at a speed of 50 mph generates a noise level of 97dB(A) at the ear. Travelling for more than 30 minutes at this speed can cause damage to hearing.

The following table shows the average safe exposure times for varying speeds, based on the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) limits.
40mph / 90dB(A) HSE Limits = 2 hours
50mph / 97dB(A) HSE Limits = 30 minutes
60mph / 101dB(A) HSE Limits = 15 minutes
70mph / 105dB(A) HSE Limits = <6 minutes

Custom-made noise protectors are the best solution to protect hearing against the damaging effects of wind noise. They are made from soft silicone and are comfortable to wear. Filters can be fitted to ensure that the damaging high frequencies are attenuated more than the low frequencies.

Swimmers and sleep plugs

Hear at Home Cornwall can supply custom made sleep and swimmers plugs for £100 a pair.


Protect your ears against having to have a painful drilling or chiselling to remove the bony growths or exostoses from your ear canal. Surf moulds are £100 a pair. Optional attachment cord £10.


ER-15 and ER-25 musicians’ ear protectors are designed specifically for musicians and sound engineers to use during live performance and recording.

Sound is attenuated by filters that provide equal levels of protection at all frequencies. The ER-15 will attenuate sound pressure levels by 15 dB and the ER-25 by 25 dB.
£195 a pair. Additional filters £80 a pair.

iPhone/Android custom moulds

To fit your ear shape perfectly. They will provide better comfort and retention, and will suppress external noise so music can be played at a lower volume.
From £95 a pair.

Hearing protection for shooting

There are two main types of ear defenders for shooting:

Custom Electronic Noise Suppressors (CENS)

Made from hard acrylic or soft silicone and battery operated. Protects your hearing by blocking loud noises like rifle blasts, but enhances soft sounds such as speech and ambient sounds like rustling leaves.

From £395 a pair

Sonic valves

Made from soft silicone with a fast acting valve fitted into the mould. The valve allows low level sounds like speech in, and then closes to loud gun shots.

From £129 a pair

If the type of ear protection you require is not here or you require further information then please call 0787 218 3742

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