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Common misconceptions

  • What happens at a hearing test?
    It is helpful if you have a family member or close friend with you at the initial consultation. And it would also help if you have your ears checked for wax prior to our visit. A hearing test is free and without obligation. Initial Consultation A full and comprehensive assessment of your hearing and your requirements including: Case History – A detailed and thorough discussion of any medical issues relating to your ears together with an identification of areas of difficulty that you may be experiencing. Otoscopy – An examination of your ears to check for wax and any abnormalities in the ears that may require a GP referral. If wax is present we may need to reappoint to complete an accurate hearing test. Audiometry – A complete hearing test under British Society of Audiology rules. Analysis – An explanation of the hearing test results and how that relates to your areas of difficulty. Recommendations – Based on the hearing test and analysis we will recommend the most appropriate course of action for you to take. This could be: No loss – no further action A referral to your GP Proceed to the supply of a hearing system Agreement –If hearing aid/s are the best solution to your hearing problem and you agree to purchase a hearing system from us then a deposit is normally taken, the hearing aids are ordered and a fitting appointment is arranged. The fitting appointment is usually within 2 weeks. Fitting appointment This appointment is to fit your new hearing system, to make sure that it is comfortable and that you know how to use it properly. Otoscopy – an examination of your ears to ensure that we can proceed with the fitting of your new hearing system. Initial fitting – The hearing aids will be placed into your ears, programmed and checked for comfort and sound quality. Adjustments – made if necessary. Hearing system operation including:- Insertion Removal Volume control operation (if applicable) Program changing (if applicable) Change of batteries Cleaning Rehabilitation – Any new hearing system takes a while to become accustomed to the new sounds around you. Everyone is different and some people may get used their hearing system quicker or slower than others. This could also depend upon your past experience of hearing aids, if any. Agreement – Once we have agreed that we have completed the fitting appointment then you will pay the outstanding balance. Follow ups – I will phone you after about a week after your fitting appointment to make sure that you are happy with your new hearing system. If you require any further assistance, adjustments, advice or reassurance then I will make an appointment to visit you.
  • What happens if I’m not happy with my purchase?
    60 day money back guarantee – From the date of the fitting you have a 60 day period in which if you are not happy with your new hearing system, provided the aids are returned to us within the 60 days, then we will refund you the full amount.
  • What happens if my hearing aid/s go wrong?
    With warranty – from the date of fitting you have at least a 24 month warranty but many hearing aids now come with a four or five year warranty. This means that if the hearing aids stop working or malfunction during the warranty period then, provided that you haven’t caused the damage yourself, the hearing aids will be repaired free of charge. Without warranty – If the hearing aid is not covered by a warranty then there may be a charge to repair it. Often we can get the hearing aid to work again ourselves but if it has to go back to the manufacturers then it is likely to cost at least £100.
  • What aftercare service do you offer?
    Lifetime aftercare. - At Hearing Services Cornwall we will look after your aid for it’s lifetime. This means that we will continue to provide a free annual hearing test and any retuning if necessary, a clean and check of your hearing system and a discussion about any changes to your circumstances. Ongoing servicing - As part of our lifetime aftercare if at any time you feel that your hearing has changed or you feel that your hearing aid isn’t working properly or you just wish to discuss any aspect of your ears then please contact us on 0787 218 3742
  • How long will my hearing aids last?
    Hearing aids usually last between about 5-8 years. We offer an early bird replacement scheme which means that if you replace your hearing aids before the 5 years is up then we'll give you a 5% discount on your new aids.
  • Can I insure my hearing aids?
    We recommend that you insure your hearing system from the date of your fitting. You should insure against loss and, if possible, damage too.It is advisable to discuss this with your insurance company and list the hearing aids as a specified item with “away from home” cover included. Please don’t assume that they will be covered automatically under your policy as they may not be. If you wish to discuss this further then please ring us on 0787 218 3742.
  • What do I do if my hearing gets worse?
    Unfortunately our hearing gets worse as we become older and so we would expect a gradual deterioration over the years. If you think your hearing has become worse then please contact us on 0787 218 3742. We will check your ears for wax and check your hearing aids to make sure that they are working correctly. We may retest your hearing and if it has become worse then we will retune your hearing aids to the new thresholds. If necessary we will refer you to your GP.
  • My hearing aid keeps whistling – what can I do?
    Call us on 0787 218 3742. We will check to make sure that the hearing aid is inserted correctly, it is working correctly and that your ears are free of wax. A fine tuning adjustment of your hearing system may be required at no additional cost.Call us on 0787 218 3742. We will check to make sure that the hearing aid is inserted correctly, it is working correctly and that your ears are free of wax. A fine tuning adjustment of your hearing system may be required at no additional cost.
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