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Hearing Aid

Our Services

Free hearing tests

A fully qualified hearing aid audiologist will come to your home to discuss your hearing. We cover the whole of Cornwall, apart from the Isles of Scilly, as well as the Plymouth area. 0787 218 3742

Repair service

Please read more to find out about all make repairs and all make servicing.

Up to 5 year warranty

Hearing aids come with a FREE 2 year warranty but many of the manufacturers now offer a 5 year warranty, providing you with piece of mind in the rare event that your hearing aid develops a fault.

Hearing Help for Veterans (VHF) - Free "top of the range" Hearing Aids

Working in conjunction with UK Veterans Hearing Foundation and Veterans Hearing Support we can help you to access funding which provides up to £4000 for top of the range hearing aids for UK Armed Forces veterans who acquired hearing loss during service. There is a 97% success rate for applicants so you're almost certain to get this funding. 0787 218 3742 for more information.

smiling little girl wearing an headset

Hearing protection

Prevention is better than cure! At Hearing Services Cornwall we can look after your ears by providing a range of hearing protection products.

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