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Home visits for hearing services in Cornwall

During these difficult Covid times you may be reluctant to visit an audiology clinic in the high street and so have you considered that an audiologist could come to visit you in the comfort of your own home? With the government and the hearing aid professional bodies stating that hearing services are essential you can rest assured that a full audiology service can be provided in your own house anywhere in Cornwall.

Historically, all hearing aid dispensing was provided as a home delivery service but now most audiologists will see their patients in an office or retail environment, even when their patient is vulnerable. Sometimes hearing aid practices may be difficult to get to, with little or no parking and if you are disabled or have mobility issues this may prevent you getting the hearing help you need.

Here at Hearing Services Cornwall I can provide the same level of service that I would be able to do in a clinic setting and can provide appointments out of strict 9-5 hours too. Hearing tests, hearing fittings, hearing aid repairs and all programming, servicing and maintenance can all be conducted to the same high standard that you would expect from an audiology office or centre.

The main benefits of hearing care services in your own home are:

1) The hearing aids will be tuned in your most realistic environment, as you'll probably have difficulty with the tv, for example, or struggle to hear family members at home. If you've had hearing aids previously and made changes in the clinic, when you get back home again you find the hearing aids aren't set up correctly, which then involves another trip to the audiologist. Fitting the hearing aids in a setting where they will be used most gives a better outcome. Demonstrations in your home will give you the most realistic idea of how the hearing aids will work for you.

2) Many hearing aids can be connected to your wireless accessories at home such as TV, smartphone or tablet. I will able to assist you with this so you can start to take advantage of the hearing aid's wireless features immediately.

3) In your home hearing care is more personal and tailored than a visit to an audiology office or a hospital setting. Being in your own home makes the whole experience a little easier to deal with and makes you more likely to confront a problem that you are have probably ignored for many years.

4) I bring my office to you. With flexible appointment times I can work around your own needs, you don't have to drive, you can maintain your independence and won't have to rely on family, friends or public transport. That's less worry for you and you won't have to sit in waiting rooms either.

5) Home visits are as seamless as possible. I understand that it can be tiring for elderly patients to juggle many health appointments for multiple ailments. With the number of people aged 65 and over expected to double over the next 15 years, and with nearly half of this age group becoming disabled home visits are better for this group of patients

6) All home visits are included in the cost of the hearing aids. So you are getting all of the benefits listed above without any extra cost to you.

To make an appointment please ring 0787 218 3742 or email

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