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Happy New Year

Welcome to my new website and the first in my series of blogs.

As we start a New Year it’s natural that we look forward and so over the year I’ll bring you information and articles about hearing health, hearing services, hearing aids and products, and hearing awareness in Cornwall and beyond. In this article I’m discussing “New.”

New premises.

I’m now working on Thursdays at Kernow Ear Health in St Columb Major. Zoe Tayler has been running a specialist micro suction clinic since 2017 and I’ve been invited to join the team. I offer the full range of hearing services including hearing tests, hearing servicing and repairs, fittings and checkups. As an independent audiologist based in Cornwall I can give advice and repairs on most models of hearing aids. If you’re unable to come into the clinic in St Columb I can offer a home visit to attend to your hearing requirements. If you wish to make an appointment or to discuss your hearing please phone 0787 218 3742.

New COVID updates.

I’m continually taking advice from the Government and the Hearing Industry. On 15th January 2021 a joint statement was published by the main hearing aid governing bodies e.g. The British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (BSHAA), The Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professional (AIHHP) etc, updating their original statement from May 2020. Hearing Services are seen as essential and so I can continue to offer a full home visit service subject to wearing PPE, masks and so on. For more information please phone 0787 218 3742. The statement will be reviewed on 31st May 2021.

New vaccine

At the time of writing most of my over 80s patients have had the first vaccine and each week that we move forward more and more will have some protection against this horrific pandemic. According to the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), my regulatory body, key and essential Healthcare workers should be within the first four priority groups so hopefully I can get my vaccine soon, to offer further reassurance to all of my patients.

New social media

If you wish to follow me on social media then I’m now on both Facebook and Instagram. Just type in Hearing Services Cornwall into the search bar and “like” my posts.

New products.

The hearing aid companies continue to update their portfolios and we’ve already seen the launch of the Oticon “More”. This builds on the success of their Opn S range of hearing aids. The “More” comes in 3 levels of technology, all rechargeable. Top of the range is the More 1 @ £3695 per pair, More 2 is £3295 and the midrange More 3 is £2595 per pair. If you wish to try these aids there is a 10% discount on orders placed before 15/2/20201.

Signia have an exciting new product due to be launched on the 25th January 2021. It’s the world’s first Super Power rechargeable hearing aid. More details to follow.

Resound, also known as GN Hearing, are adding to their successful Resound One product range and are introducing the midrange “5” series of RIC aids (receiver in canal) @ £2295 per pair on 1st February 2021.

New normal?

As the world continues to be gripped by the pandemic who knows what the future will bring. Hopefully as we move towards spring, the population are increasingly vaccinated, and the lockdown starts to take effect we will see some restrictions lifted and we can start to resume a more normal life.

If you wish to discuss any of the above with me then please phone 0787 218 3742 or email me at

Kind regards

Richard Bunce

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